Dissection intro 6-07-2012

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GOT UP SO EARLY just to find out the DR rule :\ and Mine, Sinhu and Numan's name wasn't even on the waiting list! I was so annoyed! Anyways NH had to pick up his watch from Halls so we went there and on the way back we walked around in the cemetery in the RAIN lool! CRAZY?? I know we are! It was beautiful though, just amazing to see that people who could afford an expensive stone etc for their loved ones and some had a simple one! :\ NH was telling me how the Islam cemetery they have in their area they are all the same! I think I would like that! Even though it doesn matter how much they spent money on it, even a simple one showed how much the family loved that person, shows you don't need money to show love or show feelings! Another thing NH said which I really liked was the fact that we should spend some time in such area to understand and be thankful to be alive and enjoy it as much as we can! Basically we should be grateful and as Jay says "Live each day as it's your last" !! Went Deepak's after, bought some noodles!

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I love you all <3