First day at DR! 12-07-2012

by - 22:05

A good day overall! it's harder than i thought though, and the amount of oil that comes out of the fat oh my oh my!! I can make pakoris for the whole world! looool ewww JOKES!

Yeah in the morning aloo was sooo happy to see me and I was soo happy to see her lol! it was sooo romantic! NH! (sadly no NH :(  - hopefully he will get a place )

Kamran was soo funny lol! apparently he cut off this really important nerve and tried to tie a knot LOOL using another nerve/skin hahahah! Died laughing.

Had lunch with aloo and Sindhu and then we played TT in the games room. LOOOL alooo told someone i was really good at TT and so he wanted a match! :\ I lost haha such a let down! but he was really good!
aahh i miss playing  it :(  I should go back on sundays! I AM SO LAZY!!
(Aloo and Sindhu are getting so much better at it :D - GO girls )

yeah so, right now I am tired


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I love you all <3