Friday 27-07-2012 London Olympics Open Ceremony

by - 20:19

Dr was fun!
TT was fun!
NH was ill !
Aloo me and Ibs went to the chinese shop, had free chicken and bought these chciken buns (a bit like momos)
Ibs loved it I thought it wasn't that nice!
Got the lottery ticket lool we didn't win! surprise surprise!
Fun times on the tube!
Odered pizza! had  a nice family time watching the opening Ceremony!
Sooo funny me and Juhee were watching it while on FB and we were all over the news feed! it was sooo much fun! Status after statues!  :D and it went mad when India came on and all the other Asian countries loool FB went mad and me and Juhee liked EVERYTHING!! aww good times!
and one person wrote something we both liked it and commented so quickly! it was jokes!

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I love you all <3