Monday 30-07-2012 Juhee's Surprise Birthday! :)

by - 22:13

Went DR early! So nice Sindhu came, about time though! when we are all about to leave! :(
Had a great laugh loool as usual ! Everyone kept telling everyone to come to their table and jam so funny!
Played bit of TT at break! Was soooooo hungry today :\ Fasting is hard, though it was my last Monday soo woooo!!
Later on Bremla came, looked ever so pretty ! :D It was so nice to see her after such a long time! My dear lil Rabbit!
Juhee came later on in her Olympics Outift!! looking hot as usual! lol She didn't know we planned to give her a surprise for her birthday! Me and Sindhu went down to get a knife and then lool it was awks going in with the cake in the games room! we somehow managed lol she loved it and actually got surprised! :P phew!! (not like last time hahaha)
So Dumpyy of us though, we forgot shes a veggie and only eats egg less cake! KMT yaar! So lol she only ate chocolate stars! Everyone else enjoyed her birthday cake hahah funny!

Played Around the table with everyone, it was jokes!

Took the train loool when Anjum's stop came lol we took his back and out it behind this man who was sleeping and Ib sheld him so tight so he couldnt get off! hahahahah so he had to get off at the next station! he didn't look very pleased! LOOOL

So sad it was aloo's last day  and I didn't even realise after I got on the train!! lol but it's ok we were having a tickling competition so it would have been hard to hug and do a proper goodbye! :( Miss her already!

Sadddd Bremla left and so did Juhee! I won't even see them till after uni starts!! :(

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I love you all <3