Sunday 1-07-2012

by - 12:57

Went Karate after a long time! Came back watched Satyamev Jayte with the family! Which was on alcoholics! They were like drinking on occasions and drinking a small pint is ok! it's like FAM WHY WOULD YOU EVEN DRINK JUST A LIL BIT?

Some girl on the show said she drinks to fit into a group and "to look cool"
Seriously why would you be in that sort of group Anyways? people who think drinking makes you mature and you find the real fun of life are really immature and dumb! No offence!

In my opinion, anyone can be the s"word"y , hot and and have 10 x times more fun even without drinking! 8)

Then later in the evening me and T went Fairlands and did 4 lap around the whole park! :O Lol we kinda got carried away, but it was nice to catch up with everything! :D

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I love you all <3