Sunday 29-07-2012

by - 20:21

Wasn't feeling so well in the morning so didn't go to the hospital and Karate :P
Got up late and watched Satyamev Jayte with the family! It was a last episode :( but it was soooooooo good! :'(
Went shopping with Mum and Pooja :P Girls day out! Was sooo much fun, bought really nice stuff! Pooja bought three shoes :O She's soo lucky because of her size! KMT so Jels! They are sooo pretty aswell lol
It's ok I am over it!
Had a long chat with Ree!! :( I miss you man if you are reading this! like do something!! let's meet up!!
Had lunch together :)
Watched Always kabhi kabhi! BAD ACTING!!!
Tried to clean my room, FAIL!
feeling so tired, think gonna hit the bed soon!

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I love you all <3