Update of past few days 13-07-2012 to 20-07-2012

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umm lots of things happened in last week, but now I don't remember what  I was suppose to write here, :\ but I am going to try and mention the highlights.

13-07-2012 Friday
umm Second day of DR, as I was entering the baseroom, I turn around and there was NH!! :D means he got in! and hahaha there was me all happy for him but he looked tired (he doesn't like waking up so early).

Sabah came in after me then we had a lil laugh as usual and went back to our bodies hahaha. I was all by myself because Rimple had to go somewhere ( I think for an interview) and never saw her after the first day
 :(  sad times!

Aloo and me went gym and worked out like HELL lol we made promises to do it everyday ahaha and not been to the gym ever since! :P
Sit ups were so funny hahaha ended up cracking up as usual though managed to do 30!! :O We were so tempted to eat out but we didn't!!

14-07-2012 Saturday

made Dumplings!! Yum :) Doesn't look so yum in the picture but it turned out sooooooooo delicious! Mouth watering!

15-07-2012 Sunday

A HECTIC DAY!! :\ First day at the hospital, which was nice (got up at 6:30 though, 7:30 start)! I met a lady called Christine, who I helped in collecting the water jugs, filling etc! Then we just did little tidying up of the tables because breakfast was on it's way. Then I prepared coffee and tea tray and had to go around asking each patient what they wanted! Helped them with other things like jamming, buttering their bread, feeding etc.
Then we made like 10 beds :\ sooo tiring! At 10:30 dad picked me up and had Karate at 11:00 so got changed at Thania's lol omg saw Diya, she's so grown up and cute as ever!
Karate was fun!
After I had Driving, which didn't go as well :'( LOW DAY cos of many things, argh I don't even remember properly! Maybe upset about not meeting people's expectations or not living up to my own expectations!

16-07-2012 Monday 

I was fasting :P (suppose to do it every monday for Shrawan Mass)
Had driving early in the morning at 8:30! Went GREATTT!! wooo I think I just had a bad day on Sunday with driving. Martin dropped me at the station and I was suppose to get the 9:36 am train but I missed it as had to line up to buy the tickets. SOO ANNOYING so the man sold me these useless tickets which only worked in Zone 1 and 2! no wonder it was so cheap and I didn't even find out till Tuesday because he got me an off peak travel card for the day!
Dissection went alright, was all by myself once again.

17-07-2012 Tuesday

BAD DAY ! :)

Sabah texted saying she got her results and she was really happy about what she got (she did amazingly tbh).
at around 12 Numan da Baccha was hungry lol, so Me , Aloo and NH went chicks to eat. I called mum and she told me what I got, so depressing! I did badly even though people think it wasn't as bad, I know i didn't do as well as I thought I did :\! but it's ok i am over it! need to move in life, accept my failure and start again with more strength and power!
Ibs, Numan, MB, Anjum and me took the tube back and played the husband wife game loool ( which I created  and everyone got involved in ahha) Numan got a hot looking family and Ibs and MB's family was funny.

Got home blahh blah blah...NH is like the nicest friend, made me feel sooooo much better

Sam sent me a really nice message too on FB! :) I have such nice friends!!!

....went to BED!

18-07-2012 Wednesday

Dissection - new partner came called Srishti, a reallllly nice girl :) ! umm I don't remember what happened! umm I think Ibs, Sindhu me and aloo played tt for ages!

19-07-2012 Thursday 

NH, Aloo and me went to watch Cocktail, ugly movie about people going clubbing getting drunk and getting into a complicated situation!

Bad end to the day!

20-07-2012 Friday

After dissection me, aloo, Ibs and Anjum played around the table (TT game) like CRAZY! it was sooo fun!
but just hate it when people call me a cheater, it's the WORST thing EVER if I haven't actually cheated!

oh well, over that too! I need to stop being so emotional and getting hurt too easily on little things.

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I love you all <3