Wednesday 25-07-2012

by - 22:19

Got up late again! :( Ran for the train then the tube! It wasn't even packed as I was expecting it to be dew to Olympics lol somehow it's less busier! :O
Dissection was slow and loooong! kept on jamming with Ibs, Kamran at aloo's table! it was fun but wasted so much time.
Sindhu came to have lunch with us after such a long time! Had a good time.
Went back to dissection, nearly finihsed the palm and found the palmar aponeurosis, all SHINY! lol i was so happy!
NH left cos he wasn't feeling so well and MB left with him. LOL so funny when he was like "ooooo" hahaha

Later Aloo did beautiful mehndi on me!! absolutely love it, gonna take  a pic of it tomorrow!
hahahaah and Ibs and Anjum made us laugh sooo much! They were acting like they were a couple ahahah and ibs goes "he cooks for me and wait for me to get back home with a candle " looool and he said lot's of other things like how they wear same colour nighties and do the dishes together! Me and Sabah DIED! HAHAHAHAHAHA

Felt so sick on the train (Had to run for the train again) :\ Pooja made Chowmein though YUM :D Had two paracetamol, feeling bit better! wooo :D

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I love you all <3