24-08-2012 Friday

by - 20:29

Subha aunty came to take Emii today! :( sad times! We all miss her already! the sound of the paws when she  used to walk around the house is all gone :( 
How I expected her to come to my room while i was sitting alone :( Loved how she welcomed us everyday when I got back form uni or anywhere else!  She made us feel so special, she waited for us to get back home. LOLOOL and when she used to get excited to go on a walk hahah and if she saw a cat, that would be it! lol she would want to chase it so bad that we had to pick her up to bring her back home hahah! She used to love her bathtime however ahahah
The day me Pooja and Emii played with the water !  Awwww She's going to get missed by me soooooooooooo much! Finally understand the love of an animal, it's truly a different relationship where you are completely different to eachother yet love eachother so much, care for each other (loved how she used to stop for us to catch up on the walk haha). Her love for the indian food, she would just sit there staring at us until we gave her roti and god knows what!

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I love you all <3