Sunday 05-08-2012

by - 21:02

Had Volunteering (was tiring) !
Then Karate (OMG so intense these days) We spoke to Sparrow asking him what we need to get the black by this Oct and he was like we will need to do Karate 4 days a week! :O GOD! joke or what?

Anyways Came back home, Mum and Maa were making fish curry Yum lol  but the whole house smells funny for ages! :\ but it's worth it OMG it was sooo yum! Me and Pooja watched The beautiful Mind! <3 p="p">
Then me , Pooja and dad cleaned the garden for ages but it was fun!

Came back and somehow fell aslep :\ So fattening ! Really need to sort myself out! lol Speaking of getting fit lol Pooja is making Cookie Dough Ice cream! yumyuymuyymyuym loool

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I love you all <3