Wednesday 5-09-2012

by - 23:04

Cheeky is ill! :( Just don't know what to do! People say oh it's just a bird but OMG it's alive, it has a little heart and responses to you and all the environmental cues! I am used to listening to her chirp all day long and playing her little bell. All of a sudden she has stopped playing, chirping and just sits there with her head tiled to one side! and Today is worse, foam is coming out of her mouth :( Cheeky has been so strong, she has been trying to eat all day! I just cannot imagine her die! I haven't felt so much for any other cheeky we've had! :( this one is soo special ! I guess I have gotten closer to animals this summer, started to have more feelings for them. While I was just writing this, she died. right in front of my eyes! :'( Good night

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I love you all <3