13-10-2012 - Maa ji :( Memory is so important!

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Posting after such a long time! so basically six months have passed already and it's time for my dadi to go back to India! :( so much have had during this time, we have been through SO MUCH - but we have handled all the situations very well!

Recently , like since last week, she has been so depressed about random things! She's making these connections that doesn't make any sense! for the last couple of days she has been crying because she thinks someone has taken over her house in India and she doesn't have anywhere to go! :S and today , the whole day, she was saying that my grandpa died recently and no one told her about it ! she thinks that we asked her to come here and feels guilty that she left Grandpa behind in India :\ (my Granpa died 12 years ago btw)

It's soooooooooooooooooooooo sad! Don't know what to do! :( Feeling so low that shes leaving next week! Hopefully *fingers crossed* she will feel better in India because hopefully a lot of people will come to see her and keep her busy!! Gotta think for her rather than how I feel! Sometimes I worry if she will be okay, if people in India will understand her because like most of the time people get frustrated and get angry repeating things over and over again! one needs a lot of patience and time to really understand the pattern a person with dementia has! Like I know when she's sad, she really needs someone to listen to her and hold her while she cries! she needs someone who will then reassure her and tell her that she's forgetting/mixing things up and she shouldn't worry too much and instead think about all the happy things in life! Please GOD, HELP HER!
I am not sad that she's leaving, more worried that no one will be able to understand her and she might get more depressed ! I don't want people to blame her and say " oh you forget things and cry on stupid things! you really need to STOP! " because it's just not fair! it's something she believes in truly and proving her wrong just like that using power and anger is just not right! I wish someone will say yes and agree with her and then make some excuse up and make her happy again! I wish someone will actually have that much time for her!

just please Bhagwan, make her better or if you think she's getting old ( I know this is sad) but please don't take away her memory from her, cos that's just like taking away her soul !!!! :(

"Without memory, we have no foundation, no point of reference from which to learn and grow. 'I'be ability to retain and recall events is one of the essential elements of being human. It is what builds us into people we are" 

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  1. hey ~
    it's sweet that you care so much for your grandmother.
    most people nowadays don't have the time to care for anyone, let alone grandparents :|
    it's hard to watch someone you love fall apart like that but take courage in the fact that she has had a beautiful life and especially, she has people like yourself to care for her and love her.

    1. hey!
      Aww thanks! your message is so sweet! I just hope she gets better but she isn't! :( but i guess I just got to stay strong and call her all the time or do whatever else I can to keep her happy for as long as possible! but yeah you are really sweet! thanks :) <3

  2. aww thanks for that. I just hope she gets better :) <3


I love you all <3