14-10-2012 Sunday

by - 22:24

Poojieee had tt tournament so papa took her there, which meant I had to go Karat eall by myself! Good thing T didn't have work and so she gave me a lift! :D Had such an awesome time at martial Arts! :) even though tucloo aint letting us grade for black belt next week! Gonna be soooo good by next grading after then and hopefully he will let us then! 
Came back, massi mousaji and mum went shopping ! I stayed home with dadi and shivi! :\ Long ting, dadi was upset again! :( so called so many different people in India to make her believe that no one died recently lol and then thanks to whoever made Mahadev, it kept her busy! 

I put mehndi on Shivi just cos aloo said she practised loads yesterday ! GOD so scared about CW ! so hard to think of a designs! :\ 

Anyways later everyone came back home, dadi forgot about what she was upset about lol and then me shivi and Pooja made chicken and Chowmein! turned out fine! 

Gonnnnnaaaaaaa MISS THEM ALL SOOOOO MUCH! so annoyed I have a full day tomorrow and on Tuesday I have to be at uni all day  cos got that stupid Skip meeting :( oh well , guess thats life!! 

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I love you all <3