Sunday 11-11-2012

by - 18:36

Got up late
had CKD! he said we can GRADE for black belt! woooooooooooo! it's so expensive though :|
Then watched lakhon me ek with the family. It was about dowry! :\ but luckily it had a happy ending wooo! Then I made soya chuncks manchurian! it was sooo yum! then i did the dishes!
mum dad came back from shopping so we all watched rest of English Vinglish while eating.

It was a great Movie - I think tried to show how some people think that if you know English you are educated and literate!  Which is sooo wrong! This thought is sooo common on India! Like for example how my Grandma was like oh you can speak in English because you go to a good school! People should know that English is just a language just like Hindi, French, Urdu etc! If you can't speak it doesn't mean you are lower than other people! The mother in the movie knew so much and had a great philosophy about life! she looked after her family and children so well!  I think that's what a person need to know in life! A person only needs to learn to live for others and that would be the biggest achievement!! LOL Indian people need to know that everyone in England aren't literate hahaha! Education is not English! full stop!
So next time we see a person who can't speak English We should not look at them as lower then us and should be treated basis on their attitude rather than what language they speak!
AND people who can't speak English - you all need to stop feeling inferior to others otherwise no one will be able to help you! My mum can't speak proper English yet she faces the world with full confidence and she's so strong! and I I love this thing about her. I have learnt so much from her!

Now just chilling with the famalam! should be working! :\ :( I should make a move now!


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I love you all <3