29-12-2012 India loses another precious part! R.I.P Damini

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Absolutely disgusted by this horrific HORRIFIC event that took place in Delhi! I don't have words to explain how disgusting these men were! Some one has said it correctly "India will not be independent till girls will be safe to walk around India at any time" 

From my own experiences, when I go back home, there are PERVERTED MEN and IDIOT GROUPS OF BOYS, starting from the airport, to the roads in india. Like they are everywhere! There's not one place where I might have gone to and there wasn't a man staring at me and giving me those UGLY perverted looks! 

They are just so Stubborn that wont give up if you stare back warning them! :( they will just keep on staring at you! It's a HORRIBLE feeling! you feel so uncomfortable. Like seriously people need to sort their hormones out! Why are men in india so desperate? like they fall in love in 2 days! 

Furthermore, people have gone crazy in india with protesting, saying that the rapists should be killed and hanged to death in public! OK fine, I know you are angry and upset but aren't you doing the same thing what those men did to the girl? Then how are you different! I totally agree that those men should be punished harsly! After all it's a murder case now! An innocent girl has died ! However, I think India needs to change! The men should learn to respect girls. They should be taught from an early age on how to behave with ladies! Also sex education should be given to people! Girls should be given safety lessons on how to keep themselves safe and etc! 

And parents needs to take strict actions on anyone a girls complain about rather than lock them in the house so she can't go anywhere! You can't ban girls from going out, you need to change the world and make it safer for her so she can live in it.

The TERRIBLE situation that Damini has gone through, cannot be described, Only she would know! :'(    

Poem from a point of view of  the victim Damini

A girl to her Mum :

Maa mujhe dar lagta hai..bohot dar
lagta hai...
Suraj ki Roshni Aag si lagti hai..
Paani ki Boondein bhi Tejaab si lagti
Maa Hawa main bhi zahar sa ghula
lagta hai...
Maa mujhe chupa le bohot dar
lagta hai...........
Maa yaad hai wo kaanch ki Gudiya
jo Bachpan main tuti thi...
Maa kuch aise hi aaj main toot gayi
meri galti kuch bhi nahi thi maa fir
bhi khud se ruth gai hoon............
Maa bachpan main school teacher ki
gandi Nazaro se dar lagta tha...
padsos ke chacha ke Napaak iraadon
se dar lagta tha...
maa wo nukkat ke ladko ki bekhouf
baaton se dar lagta hai..
or ab Boss ke wahshi isharon se dar
lagta hai...
Maa mujhe chupa lo..bohut dar
lagta hai :,(....
Maa tujhe yaad hai tere angan main
chidiya si fudak rahi thi..
thokar kha k main zameen par gir
padi thi..
do boond khoon ki dekh k maa tu
bhi ro padi thi...
maa tune toh mujhe phoolon ki
tarah pala tha..
un darindo ka aakhir maine kya
bigada tha...
kyun wo mujhe is tarah masal ke chale
bedard meri rooh ko kuchal ke chale
Maa tu toh kehti thi apni gudiya ko
dulhan banayegi...
mere is jeewan ko khushiyo se
maa kya wo din zindagi kabhi na

maa kya ab tere ghar barat na
Maa khoya hai jo maine kya fir se
kabhi na paungi?? Maa saans toh le
rahi hoon..kya zindagi jee paunge??
Maa ghoorte hain sab alag hi nazaron
Maa mujhe un nazaron se chupa lo

Maa bohot dar lagta hai mujhe
Aanchal main Chhupa lo mujhe

[Bure karm karne walo ko ise padhkr shayad kuch sharm aaye or bhale hi sare nahi, par kuch loge sudhar jaye
R.I.P. Damini] :'( 

A Beautiful Poem by Amitabh Bachan for Damini! 

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