Saturday 15-12-2012

by - 02:06

Me and Pooja made pav bhaji! lol it's a long process but turned out to be sooo yum! and I made rabdi! reminded me of babaji :(( Anyways so we had "Sharma Time" after a longgg time.. we watched OMG! Such a GOOD MOVIE! highly recommend it to EVERYONE! It's about religion but it's amazing! teaches you what religion is really about. It showed how people in India (Hindus, Muslims and people from other religion) are using GOD to make money. The channels like Astha and other channels full of programs with spiritual/ religious speakers! who talk rubbish all day and make business in the name of GOD! ridiculous! :\ In the movie Paresh rawal shows how much MILK gets wasted by hindu people, when it could be used to feed millions of hungry people! ITS JUST SOOOO SAD! makes me so angry! I think everyone should watch this movie to discover who god really is! and why he is there!

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I love you all <3