04-01-2013 Friday

by - 09:55

Omg this song is soo nice! i mean the lyrics he says to the girl that shes his world and other things! basically makes her feel so special! :P addicted at the moment! Uski kitni tarif karta he, compares her to God basically! :')

Jazbon ka toh naya bayaan hai
Rab ka shukrana
Naya rutba nayi shaan hai
Rab ka shukrana
Tu hi ab mera deen hai, imaan hai
Rab ka shukrana

Mera kalma hai tu, azaan hai tu
Rab ka shukrana

Rab ka... Shukrana

On Electrophysiology atm ! Albert wooooooooooo Love his slides! :P

Had such a good sleep! On a role at the moment! :P wooo

okay here is the song!

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I love you all <3