Thursday 26-01-2013 Hamzu and Panchalu pranked called me! :\

by - 19:49

So I was replying to Aloo on whats App and I suddenly get this call from an unknown number and I accidentally accepted the call ! STUPID PHONE! -_-
This person says
 "Hello Is this palak?"
I am like yeah it's me but who are you?
He goes, "I am opening a new dance studio in Tooting and I would like you to join it !"

I was like OMG! bit weird! so I go, "how do you know me?"
"I saw you dancing at the diwali show"

LOOOOOOOOOOL creepy or what! I was like "oh! well errr who gave you my number?"
"We asked the student centre for it"
LOL at this point i got sooo angry !  I was like "umm they shouldn't be giving out my personal details out to anyone like this"

"but you can trust us! Our Dance Soc is called 'South Asian Dance Academy' LOOOL S A D for short"
LOOOL i died at this point! I knew this was someone I know!
I started playing along "yeah have you asked Juhee! she's a great dancer too"

"yes of course! we would like you and Juhee to be part of the SAD Academy"

HAHAHAHAHAHAA i couldn't stop laughing! sooo funny!

"I am sorry, is there something funny? Are you lauging at my accent? "

I was like "it's Hamzah ! isn't it?"

"Hamzah? I am sorry who?"

haha i was likee omg shut up! I know it's Hamzah!! and I just couldnt stop laughing! cracking up so bad!

Then Panchalu and Hamzhu were like Paluu hahah !

So funny! Made my day looool  but so creepy to begin with!!

haha okay back to revision!

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I love you all <3