Meraaaaaaa Mann 26-02-2013

by - 00:16

A long day uni! first had SSP2 meeting lol we went to see big posters and saw Jay there. He was like "sooo are you the leader of your group" looooool I was like IDIOTTTT SHUT UPP!
so awks. oh well lallaalalal! I guess it's all a learning process!

Then later we chilled in front of the library and played with balloons looool. "if you drop it you will have to marry a Muslim and you will have to marry a Hindu" hahahaha! jokes! :P  So much pressure lol don't know why we do this to ourselves.

My daughter, Fatima, is so naughty ! B| just like me.

Then had FOUR lectures loool awks ones ! Repro -____________-
Hindu soc meeting! finally got hoodies sorted! Ia! I hope.
Then it was dramaaaaaaaaa time! lalalaal no comments. lol

Came home ! sooo nice everyone recorded swarswati chandra for me! so we all ate and watched it together! :P

Then I posted minutes of the meeting on FB , was messing around on fb as usual!
Nith asked me to help with tooting showww posters!! so gonna try and make few tomorrow! need to find out what's it about!

Need to send off finance letter tomorrow! :( longg ting.

Nearly done with SBL! then time to sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep! :P


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I love you all <3