22-03-2013 Friday

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100 years from now, it will not matter what my bank account was, how big my house was, or what kind of car I drove. But the world may be a little better, because I was important, in the life of a child.
-Forest Witcraft

So I was going to uni on the Victoria line! As usual it was fully packed with people! Got to king's cross and few people got off and I saw an empty seat.. and there I did a ninja run to get it! lol just when an adorble elderly lady walked into the train. so I was like aahhh fine...and offered her the seat! She was sooo cute! I decided just then that I wanna look just like her in 60 years time! B| She was wearing these huge earrings, bangles, red lipstick, cute ribbons in her hair, holding a walking stick and  a BEAUTIFL SMILE ! She just looked so happy even though she was so old! I just wanna be like her! :P all fearless and i still want to be able to love myself in the future!

Any ways back to the point...so then she kept looking at me and smiling because I gave her the seat and her eyes searched for an empty seat for me so that i could have it! lol finally Green Park came and I finally got  a seat! :) lol. I saw  sign of relief on her face.

I had to get out at Stockwell and walk across the station to get the northern line.The cute lady was still there! Stockwell came and she started to get up! OH god she couldn't get up, took her ages! I didn't wanna leave her there so i helped her get up on her feet! she smiled again! lol ( I probably sound so cheesy) but something about her made me take care of her.

so she started walking across with me to get to northern line side, just when the train came! I was in a rush but I kinda walked with the same pace as her. She was so slow but trying to hurry up! I thought I need to get on this train otherwise I would be late. And so I did. Heard the beep beep noise and the doors closed shut. I turned around and she was on the platform in front of me! :'(  so emotional! I waved at her and she waved back! ok I sound over dramatic but yeah! that's me!  I just felt sad that she was there with me for such a long time and then she couldn't get on thetrain with me! :(

Some days you meet people who change your life slightly! :) Thanks to the random strangers, I learn from you aswell!


I need to update this Blog soon!

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I love you all <3