23-03-2013 Mum left to INDIA 24-03-2013 - Helped a lost dog!

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Mum left yesterday :( I went to drop her at the airport! Skived uni I think I did the right thing because there was so much traffic and mum and dad were both panicking, at least I was there with them! We were stuck in a MASSIVE queue just near Stevenage! and took us two hours to get to Hatfield! you can imagine!! It was so scary. At point dad was like we won't make it , might as well go home and I kept saying no let's just try till the end and mum was in tears! lol but somehow, with grace of God we made it in time lol! and it was so quick and mum was gone! :O  A picture of mum and dad at the airport :( :( I am going to miss her SOOO BAD!

Me and dad went to pick Pooja up from Great Wymondley ! She had a table tennis tournament and she WON!! :O  wooo! so yeah so on the way back, dad was parking the car and taking ages as usual! STANDARD! suddenly we see this cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeee little dog acroos on the pavement staring back at us! He ran towards us as soon as we got off. we were thinking where his owners were but nobody was around. The dog started jumping on us and kept wagging his tail lol sooo cute.. after a while we realised he was trying to tell us something. So he ran towards his house and we kind a followed behind. Me and Pooja got scared that maybe something went wrong at his house ...so I switched the torch on the phone and followed him. lol he kept on running to his house and coming back to us telling us to hurry up. Finally we got there and I knocked and thankfully someone opened the door and he ran in lol! no thank you or anything! aaah well lil fellow was soooo cute.

Some days are really unusual!

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I love you all <3