C'mon Easter Holidays 20-03-2013

by - 00:59

I just want to break up for Easter. It's kinda sad but i had enough of uni ! SO much drama -___-
Just want some DISTANCE from EVERYONEE! woooo I just wannaa stay home and WORRRRRRRRRRKKKK!! cannot wait till friday! 

Ooo Song suggested by Jayesh (Dimple ji's Dad). I think it fits well with the whole situation! lol Just wannnaa be lazyyyy and have a stress free life! 

Oh and about my day! 

Last day of Sewa Week - Krishna Kirtan was great , not many people turned up though! but i guess numbers don't matter. What matters is the attitude!  If we managed to bring a change in someone's life even a small change then I think we have succeeded! :)
oh then we went Nandos for Abi's Birthday, which was fun! We were so late though. I had veggie burger and chips! :\ sooo fat. Need to become a vegetarian soon! woop.


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I love you all <3