Thursday 28-02-2013

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Had dissection in the morning! -_- had such a dumpy moment because i didn't prepare! and mind just went blank when i was put on the spot.

Then had the practical!  Didn't have a partner so had to pair up with SGUL "huband" Arjun! I got so annoyed for some reason. The thing is that people have this picture in mind that i just mess and joke around all the time and don't do any work...which is not even true! I pick up the wrong test tube "Palak concentrate, you fool" "such a loser" -_- likee cmon there's a limit to everything! And when your partner gets it wrong it's fine :( and then later they will be like "i told you , didn't I?" ! it's like if you knew it so well why didnt you just put that answer!! arrrgghh nothing against anyone! ( i told him how i felt later and he apologized) . I just need to change how I am so people don't take me as a joke and  say stuff like " you're the idiot of the group" !
I play around, I love the life I have..and I want to laugh soooo much and have fun and make people happy! I think maybe I make myself look like a fool or act dumb to make people laugh..which is so wrong! I need to develop my personality so that I am how I am and I also get treated with respect! Lol I know my friends love me for who I am but sometimes it hurts when everything i say becomes a joke and people just laugh at anything I say even when it wasn't meant to be funny awks! and especially people think what I say is what I actually mean when i just say it to make it funyyy!! ARGHHHHHHHHHHHH NO ONE KNOWS ME :(  I WILL SORT IT OUT! WOOP :P

anyways so me and NH Bhai had ras malai at dawat later , aloo had mango milkshake and Brems had aloo tikka lol!

Juhee came to see us! <3 p="">
so funny on the train ! me NH and bremla didnt say a word! it was nice! :)


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I love you all <3