12- 04-2013 MUM Comes back tomorrow!

by - 17:43

SOOOOOOOOOOOOO HAPPY!! I missed her so much! the only time I remember leaving her her was for three days when I went to see the Taj Mahal with Baba ji and Maa agess ago!

It was really weird her not being around in the house! So empty :(

However I have realised so much about her while she was gone! I have no idea how she manages everything and still has time to watch TV and talk to us etc. Last couple of weeks Me Dad and Pooja shared all the housework but failed badly hahaha! Had to throw away so much food because we forgot to check the 'used by' date or forgot that something was running out! Little things like that she takes cares of without us even knowing.

In the kitchen JOBS ARE ENDLESS! one after the another! I just don't know if i can be a good housewife hahah I will struggle big TIME!

Anyways Lucky to have a dad who's sooo good with EVERYTHING! not like those men who have no clue on how to hold a knife :\

So yeah!  He comes after work and then we all cook together even though he's tired from work!

I am nothing without my mumma and papa!!

Can't wait to see her face tomorrow! It feels like it's been years! -__________-


Gonna give her a huge hug tomorrow!

Peace out!

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I love you all <3