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Got up nice and early after 9 hours of sleep lol. I had a driving lesson at 12:35 and the test at 13:35. Felt nervous as hell! I didn't want a lady to be the invigilator and guess what!  she was a lady! :\ Didn't want to go through those narrow roads near Great Ashby and weyyy heyy!  she took me there ( I thought I might have nudged the curb - but don't think she noticed phew! ) I mean those roads are SOO STUPID - Soooooo narrow, 60 miles /hour and double curbs :O :O  like why would you make it like that! TELL ME WHY?? WHYYYYYYYYYY?? such a JOKE!
Any ways I hate the Hitchin round about, yet she took me there too!! hahaha  then she told me to do parallel parking ( not my best one :\) lol so I was sweating to death but then she changed her mind "hang on, Let's do something else" just as I was about to start! I was like yayyyyy!! one good thing haha! so ended up doing turning in the road! and then two independent driving  -____________-

aah whatever, ALLOW IT ALL ! I PASSEDDD!! Got 7 faults :P  Woooooooohooo! Martin was happy too :)
Such a nice instructor lol!

Got home and called dad first thing! he was soooooooooo happy :) woohoo

Told all my friends that I had passed haha no one knew that I had a test today apart from Ree because I think she got hers next week! I hope she passes too! *Finger's Crossed*

Weird how mum knew I would pass in the morning! Later I asked her how she knew and she was like I checked it in the Ramayan! :O :O creepy or what! ( she got the Hindu Holy book from india)

Gonna check it out soon! Kinda enjoy being religious these days! :)

okay byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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I love you all <3