29-05-2013 Aloo and Rabbit's nerd mode on!

by - 00:50

Had an appointment in the morning with Kong! -_- Such a bad doctor! I swear! arghh ! Why do we pay so much tax for? Doctors need to learn to be more polite! :\

Anyways then had a lecture! so I to rush to uni ! printed out the slides for TI! Aloo was running late o printed out for as well!
Rabbit came to the lecture with me! yayy!!
NH was late too and sat in the seat I was saving for aloo! lool but aloo never made it in time!

Anyways so after went out to dosa chutney with aloo, NHB, Rabs and Baby cakes! Me and rabbit shared mutton biryani! she ate so little! -__- !  i ended up having so much! I couldnt get up after!

Anyways then we had SBL where this couple were dying of old age :(  so sad!

Then aloo went home early... she had an appointment with an optician!

ME and rabbit were SOOO GOOD!! worked for 3 and al half hours in the library! TILL 8!! wooo

Got home so late though! ah well ! It was a productive day! gotta do this more often!

Now i am making a hindu soc poster for kirtan next Tuesday!

lalala bye

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I love you all <3