05-05-2013 - Nothing Special

by - 13:10

Got up early at 6! Don't know why but I love it when I go like papa jane ka mann nahi he volunteering and he goes like no beta just go! you will feel good after! hahaha even though I know I will go I just love it when he persuades me!

So then he dropped me at the hospital and left. I went up to the Pirton ward and Guess what? "Oh we have the bug here again, so you can't work today"  -____- Arghh!! So annoying! Why can't they just call me up so I don't have to go through the waking up procedure!

Any ways I  drove back home wooo! So proud of myself! B|  lol
then I just chilled with mum and dad in their bed for ages! we talked about loads of things and about finding the right guy!! LOL -_- I swear they are preping me for it! So scary!

then I did two lectures in the morning!! woop!

Had breakfast later and then all four of us chilled in the garden, in the sun, for a bit. Took pictures of pretty things in the garden! I love Summer!

LOL then pooja went up to get ready ( mum dad and her were going shopping). So she was playing songs from mum and dads room and and dancing out of the window LOL and i was recording her and dancing in the garden loool on "meraaa mannnn kehne lagaaa " so much fun!

They just got back from shopping! I am studying atm as usual! onto my third lecture of the day! woop

Love this song! Gonna miss my friends so much after third year :( Can't believe Akshay Kumar sang it! :O Soo emotional!

Mums cooking! I am starving! and LOL pooja is putting make up on! she bought this beautiful white dress! Me jealous :(

Ok bye.

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I love you all <3