30-05-2013 - Thursday

by - 00:18

I feel soooooooooooooooooooo SAD! and I don't know the reason! -_-
I read somewhere.. it said.... don't celebrate after a small victory because you might fall behind again! Have to constantly keep working!

Diwali soc meeting and then the Interview was good today! need to sort the genetic thing out tomorrow! -_- aahh i don't know what I want! should i take the risk and go with glutamate! or should I just go with 22q11 syndrome!! kya karu me kya karu me kya karu!! or go with that cancer genetics :\ bleughhhh!!!

Had a boring practical! didn't even stay till the end! hopefully the write up wont be too bad !
got home at 4 :O lol then I slept till 9! Rahana aunty and cute Diya came around!! she remembered my name lol. She is growing so fast! it's like WOAH! and Anisha is in year 12 :o and pooja is 18! scaryyy stuff!!

and relatives are talking about rishta! like boooooooo!! go AWAY! I need to get a good degree, go travelling like aloo said and then chill for a long time!! aghhh just allow EVERYTHING ATM!

anyway! Joshua's birthday tomorrow! should be fun! but need to do soooo much work!!
working till 1 tonight! another 45 mins to go!

3,2,1... woop!

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I love you all <3