Pooja's 18th Birthday!! 27-05-2013 ♥

by - 12:26

Happpy Birthdayyyy to my Lovy the tucliiii

So I was thinking of writing something but really it’s impossible to fit our life in an essay! I remember when you used to be like this -_-http://global3.memecdn.com/My-little-sister_o_133785.jpg 
and now when you are all independent :’( *sobs* lol We have done everything together in life (including those dancing lessons we had on piya tose naina lage re) looooooll *dies in shame* so you know me the best and understand my life the best! You don’t need to thank you for being my sister! Loool jokes! I meant I should thank YOU! I am lucky that god picked you for me because it was the perfect thing to do *CRINGE ALERT* ok byeee!! I LOVEEEEE YOUUUUU ♥ ♥

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I love you all <3