Update on Last three Thursdays - Neuro Rehab!

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First day at Neuro rehab! Luckily Sindhu was in my group and Gloria!  Not many people were interested! In the end we had three people playing! ( Can't mention the names of the patients) but this lady was so excited about it all! lol We played Bingo, did a quiz and then played Bingo again! Just as we were about to leave one of nurse said that the lady was really upset in the morning and that we really cheered her up!! Made my day! :)
Second Thursday at Neuro Rehab ward! this time I was with Opiyemi and this new girl not from my year! 
The session was nice because we got so many people involved but I felt we didn't do enough! The whole session is meant to be till 9 and we left at 7! so we worked for an hour! I shouldn't say this but some people don't enjoy their job and they want to get out early! I mean we could have done few more activities before leaving but someone (not naming anyone) kept saying oh need to be out by 7!! :O like woah! you wanna get paid £28 for an hour worth of work! Shame! 


I wasn't meant to be working this Thursday but Gloria couldn't make it and I said I will do her shift for her! lol only because aloo  was in the group!  So it was me, aloo and Danielle! I really enjoyed this session! we started off talking to few patients about what had happened to them! It was really interesting! One of them had a stroke and this lady had a brain tumour! They were saying how they were paralysed fully but slowly with the help of physiotherapy and medicines they have improved so much! Anyways so later we played Bingo for ages and finished around 8sih because we ran out of prizes lol! 

Overall, it was a great experience working in the Neuro Rehab ward!    

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I love you all <3