Update on last two Sundays 12-05-2013 and 26-05-2013

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This punjabi asian lady was really ill and the nurses needed someone to translate what he was saying so I got a chance to be in an emergency situation! It was so stressful but a good experience! So basically this lady had pulmonary oedema and she was having major difficulty in breathing even though she had the oxygen mask on! So basically she needed a beta 2 inhibitor and something for hypertension because her BP was sooo high :( ! There were no doctors in the ward at the time! all the nurses were going mad and then a doctor was called in! Firstly they gave her furosemide (diuretic) for her high BP! Apparently she had a mini heart attack as well according to the doctor :O :(
This nurse was trying to her ECG but her skin was too sweaty and the stickers wouldn't stick so they had to leave it! After they gave her salbutamol to dilate the lungs! It was soo bad to see the lady struggling ! all the time she held onto my hand and I could tell she was in so much pain! They also gave her aspirin! I stayed with her for the whole three hours! She got better by the time I left! Thank god!


Today I went in and asked about the lady and they said she passed away yesterday! :'( soooo SAD! I felt soo bad!
apart from that it was an usual sunday lol with two trouble makers! This lady kept on walking EVERYWHERE troubling everyone lol ! it was so funny! old people are such babies! 

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I love you all <3