14-06-2013 - Whatsapp Prank

by - 23:44

HAHAHAHAHA!! so I made this group on whatsapp today called "Awks" and added random people from uni!! looool and then I said "have an awkward time guys" and LEFT!! hahahahahaha!!! soo funny!

You can just tell how bored I get with revision! :( and lol I think Panchalu was the first person I added so he automatically became the admin after I left hahaha! (he wasn't too happy about it. Apparently everyone asked him about it all day hahahah) :P

funny times ! (all by myself) sad but what can I dooooooo??? gotta enjoy life! :P

After, I called Ree for an HOUR!!! caught up with everything!!

Time to do some ageing! failed at pharmacology! -_- did 5/8 lectures!!! last three are on viruses and I hate itttttttt!!! arghh


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I love you all <3