Friday 31-05-2013 Joshua's Birthday ❤

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I don't know why it was so stressful to begin with. -_- Maybe because we all wanted to work and this needed too much effort. Me and Aloo wanted to change the plan and celebrate Joshua's birthday at uni but Eric had already promised Joshua about Nandos so we had to just go with it. We are so glad we did it properly though! It was totally worth it.

Me and Aloo left early to get the cake from cake walk ( just for Ju Ju and Patel because they are veggies). We asked Patel to get the card and I don't remember why it was so hectic! He called me to ask which one to get -_- ! Why are boys so stupid! Sabah was like "MAN PICK ONE,  YOU ARE A MEDIC!" -_- loool ( He picked a really cute one in the end)! 

So at last everyone came. We just had to wait for Joshua and Eric to arrive and finally they did.  
He was so surprised to see us! We sang the Birthday Song as he came in and he started giving a speech! IT WAS SO CUTE! I have a video of it lol He was soo happy! 

LOL we all had to secretly write our messages on the card! It was easy because Joshua was too busy talking to everyone. Me and Aloo ended up doodling all over the envelope  haha! 

Aloo and I shared a Beanie burger . Ah, It was such a great day! 

We all walked back to Uni together. I did some work. Got home very late. 

We owe Patel a pound each -_- He disappeared without saying bye ! He thinks we will forget but he doesn't know about our money policy. Lool. K bye. 

Look at him Laughing!!!! 

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I love you all <3