Monday 03-06-2013 Envelops from Joshua

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So me and Aloo were sitting in a lecture and Patel came up to us with two envelopes. They were from Joshua! We thought it would be a little thank you card so we opened it but :O :O  it had money in it ! wasn't just few pounds it was a great amount and he gave it to all THREE of us! so stupid! *face palm*

So later Me, Aloo and Patel tried to return it back to Joshua but like he would listen to us! he was making all sorts of excuses ! In the end we had to accept it -_-

Just love Joshua sooo much!! He sent me this email  in the holidays

Dear Palak,
How are you and your results? I hope all is well.
I am very happy to tell you that I am progressing to year 2 successfully. I seize this time to thank you so much for the emotional support and kindness rendered to me during the difficult time of my life.
Please, can you forward my greetings to Sabah and Trishan as well.I shall be zealously looking forward to seeing you in September when you resume back for your final lap of your course.
Thank you and GOD bless!
Best wishes, Joshua.

and loool a funny moment I remember!

Me, Sabah and Patel were chilling on the first floor, waiting for Joshua to come out of base rooms, when we saw a kala man go past the doors near Lecture theatre F and looooooooooooool me Patel ran after him!!! Aloo followed us AHAHAHAH we were calling Joshua's name out loud but he just kept on walking.....Got to the stairs when we realized it was some random kala man !!! LOOOOOOOOOL so funny! 
Aloo and me laughed for ages!! hahahah

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I love you all <3