10-08-2013 R.I.P Nani ji ♥

by - 14:52

So we came back from the beach and mum tells us that our nani ji has passed away. Words can not describe how I felt at that moment! All I want to say is that Nani you were a wonderful wonderful person and I am going to miss you soo much! :(

I hope you are with nanaji now in the heaven and I hope that you are happy!  

I am sorry if I ever didn't listen to you or said something that you didn't like :( . You and nanaji made RKL a beautiful place, going back to the house now would be so strange and different without you two! It breaks my heart. 

Don't worry about mum! I will look after her ! I am glad that you are not in pain any more and I wish you and nana ji get all the happiness you deserve where ever you are! 

Love you both soooo much and always going to miss you both! 

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I love you all <3