22-09-2013 Sunday

by - 02:09

Is it me or have my posts become really negative over the years? I don't want to be called depressed because I am not. I think I am just going through that phase where life really makes you work! It's stressful! There are so many new decisions that I have to make and set news goals! This is a phase where I am getting tested on everything! It feels like everyday is full of new challenges and I am just getting stressed about it when I should understand that really I just need to woman up and get on with it!!!! C'mon PALAK.

You need to learn to be happy again PALAK. All the time!!
You need to think what the matter is and what is upsetting you!
Just hope this semester passes by quickly and then next semester I will be with Aloo and Bremla! And there are other million issues I need to tackle by the end of this Year. GOOD LUCK TO ME!

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I love you all <3