and finally need to write about ARJUN...

by - 15:31

who has been annoying me to blog about him for ages  -_-

so here it goes !

HE IS A LOSERRRRRRRR!! HAHAHAHA jokes! (not really a joke)

this is slightly weird because I have never blogged about aloo or NH but I am blogging about Arjun! wow.

yeah so... he is nice and stuff. Annoying most of the times! We have had our ups and downs but that doesn't mean we are married or anything -____- LOL

We play this cool game lol and I am winning atm! 3-2 to mee ! wooo

And he sends me snapchats ALL THE TIME! half of which i don't even get, like this morning I got one about football I was like -___- really?

He thinks he is part of my family but he is just there LOOL! even though Aaron loves him! but whatever I am my Papa's favourite!

Overall he is an amazing friend who has always been there for me. He never leaves out on any opportunity to make people happy. I appreciate the fact that you consider me as your good friend and blabber on about your stupid life LOOOL jokes! I love listening to you! -_- lol not really but yeah.. haha

and you can please stop annoying me now that you are on my blog! The best blog in the world! Not my fault if people tease us because of this post! YOU ASKED FOR IT ONES AGAIN! LOSERR


And here are our ugly photos that you absolutely LOVE! -__-

and finallyyyy hahah don't annoy me too much because you know what I found last night ?? hahaha! Mr.GoodLooking HAHAHAHA

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I love you all <3