Asian Trio Reunite 23-08-2013 - dinner with Adekinz and Ree ♥

by - 15:00

Finally we got together after around 5 years ! Had a good chat, caught up with each other's accelerating life, that's passing by so quickly! Everyone's busy chasing their own dreams and goals!

Any ways back to the point, we had such a good time. We went to Prezzo (suggested by Ree) ! GOSH it was so expensive -_- £7 for pasta with red sauce! I could have made better version at home lol and Adelyn was on about her fish which she paid £13 for ! :O hahaha She just couldn't get over the price it was so funny. After we went to the arcade where we played pool and chilled around for ages. Had such a great time! oh and Katie and Thadi were suppose to meet us but they couldn't make it in time lol! and Taffie had family around! :( standard taffie! Hopefully I get to meet them soon! K byeee! 

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I love you all <3