GAMSAT 18-09-2013

by - 23:45


but so glad it's over!! woohoo.

Only thing I liked about today was:

  • the lunch time! The invigilator gave us 50 minutes only :\ she ate the other 10  lol 
  • coming back home with Brems, Aloo and Hamzhu. It was sooo funny on the tube! All of us couldn't stop laughing hahaha. Then Hamzah and Rabbit got off at London Bridge and Aloo was like palak quickly say "have an awkward time" to them and I did -_- nice and loudly. looool EVERYONE HEARD US. and then we died in the tube lol. It was awks after Aloo left me though. standard!

Came home. It was nice that Mitul called to ask how it went. Panchalu, Juhee, Numan wished me good luck! :) so nice. Oh and NHB called yesterday to see how i was doing too!! awwww I love my SGUL bhai even though he is awks lol I STILL LIKE YOU! :)

Watched Mahabharat with the Sharmas without any stress over my head. It was nice. Uni tomorrow! A fresh start! Need to do so well this year. wooo I am so excited. K Nightttt.

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I love you all <3