Media needs to Jam their Hype

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ok so I saw this documentary. Fair enough! it is disgusting that some men are doing this to the girls, however I don't understand why media has to pick such a title which states the name of a certain religion. They could have just said " by men" rather than " by Muslim men". There was a recently a news about a man who sexually abused a little toddler in Birmingham, but the media never used the term "sexually abused by Christian or catholic man".
When they are saying abused by Muslim men, doesn't it sound like that every single Muslim man is involved? This could create prejudice views and ideas in public's mind about Islam and Muslim people.

To be honest, as far as I understand any religion doesn't teach you to abuse or do these kind of disgusting act. Islam is known to be a peaceful religion. Then surely these men are not followers of the Islamic god? Then why is the media generalising one specific religion.

These are some idiotic, mentally sick bunch of desperate men who happened to be Muslim. I really feel there is no need to bring religion into this because it has nothing to do with the religion. These men are not desperate animals because they are Muslim but just like any other human beings who commit crime everyday.

Another problem I have is, with media again, that they remind people about 9/11, Boston and London bombings every year. Which is really GOOD! Don't get me wrong, I am not against this but I have a problem with the fact that everyday there are innocent children dying in Iraq, Syria, Egypt and no one knows about it. Well people do but everyone has settled down with the idea that War and killing happens in these places everyday so it's no big deal any more. "It's nothing new". How we go silent in remembrance of all those people who lost their lives in 9/11, have we ever done that for these countries? Do we feel worried for them?

We should be aware of what is going on at the moment and keep them in our prayers. It's the least we can do! I sometimes think about freedom. Majority of the countries are free to live a happy life and then I think about these countries who are still suffering. I mean there is unnecessary war going on in today's world! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? I can't -_- ! I don't care what the politicians say or what is right or wrong and who is helping who but all those innocent lives that suffer is not acceptable. It's so unfair for them! They deserve better!

I am not saying this because I support Muslim people or anything, I am a Hindu myself and I would have the same views if this was happening with any other religion. All the religions and faith should be respected and not discriminated like this. Media has such a huge role in changing the society's views and it's their responsibility that any sort of discrimination is not done against any group of people. The general public follows what they see and hear so they will obviously follow what media show them and what the media feeds into their mind.

I don't know I might be wrong about this but it's my opinion and I think media should be careful about what they say.

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