Sunday 1-09-2013 and Monday 2-09-2013

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Okay my posts are messed up ! but oh well
Sunday 01-09-13 Yashika's famalam came around

Aloo's Birthdayy!!! Couldn't do much for her this year :( sad times.

Yeah so they came around. I made paneer corn curry, which turned out to be yummyyyy!

Later did ukcat and blah -_- Can't wait till it's over!

Monday 02-09-13 Dilu's mum came in the after and then Havi and Family later in the evening

Yesterday realised how much I had missed havi and aunty! :( She was talking about her sister who is really ill and it was so sad! Havi is the same lol just grown sooo tall! He still has the same laugh haha!

Went gym after a week -_- as I was will. Need to regular again! 16 days till uni!  and OMG GAMSAT! if I do badly in ukcat, I am dead mate! :(


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I love you all <3