Wednesday 9-10-2013 Dance Auditions

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Some of the solutions to life's problem on yahoo answer are sooo crazy!! I can't believe people actually do stuff like that lol. do they not care about their self respect and dignity lol.

Personal tutor made me happy today :)
Dance auditions with Minali, Rabbit and Fahima (Bhindi = okra) ! It was so much Fun!!
Fahima is soooooo nice!! Nice that I met her! We get along very well and she is bubbly like me!! :D We had so much fun lol.

Contemporary was JOKES! lol me, Annie and Tania messed up and Bijaya kept on dancing loool on camera as well haha wow! the video is too funny.

Mirchi was amazing in Girls bollywood! God she is gonna have a hard time selecting 10 out of the huge bunch!

Met Anjali in the afternoon and we went to grab lunch at the canteen! It was so nice to get to know her better. God this girl is CRAZY ! she does so much! To start with she is a medic and then she is the president of dance soc ( which is a massive position). I think she is producing the fashion show and tooting show as well! :O and she hurt her knee but that didn't stop her from dancing lol! She is crazy about dancing! She was telling me about the lessons she takes out of uni as well! oh and she is a choreo in Diwali show too! basically she teaches dances day and night! Very motivating to see someone like herself, so strong who is just so passionate about the thing she does.

Well Mirchi is crazier! Let's not even go there! but I'm glad I have these strong people in my life and hopefully I have learnt something from them.

what else?? oh yeah cringinggggg over the past! I don't know what to do!! I am soooo STUPID. It's like "oh hello stomach!! Please meet butterflies" -_- I hate it.

Then I had a loooong chat with aloo about life, which was good. I am glad we both feel the same way and we know we will get through this very soon ia! Just need to be positive and keep going.

Oh and this stupid UmentionalSGUL thing on FB! someone is writing messages to Arjun asking him if he has a girlfriend :\ and everyone thinks it's me! LIKE WHY would I want to know who he likes? :\ kmt kmt kmt.

Just allow people at uni at the moment.

oh and Me, Brems, Mitul and this guy called Mihir !? went for a looong walk yesterday which was adventurous. I quite enjoyed that ! Rabs was obvs having a good time ;) looool she got so annoyed this morning when we teased her about it.

And yes Mitul fraped me yesterday and Arjun was all over my wall and today he was like "oh She is my girlfriend everyone" in front of all the girls! basically my man will never find me because of this stupid boy.

Any ways I don't want him to find me at this moment so it's all cool. lol it's already too stressful.

And finally I LOVE MY MUM AND DAD!!!

Ok I am done I think. bye.

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I love you all <3