Update 5th November 2013 Tuesday Veena Aunty at the hospital

by - 04:17

Went to see Veena Autny with Aloo! She had an Cornea transplant! Hopefully she will be able to see this time properly! Apparently it was her third time as well -_- Yeah so when we got there she was still waiting to get the surgery done. We talked for ages! Me and aloo got her flowers.

Had labs after! Went back to chekc on her around 5ish. lol we were soooo hungry so we got her chocolates thinking she might eat them so we will get some too but she was like no i will eat them at home ! LOOOOL awks. It was nice because we got to see her husband as well. While we were waiting for him Veena aunty told us that he will be out of breath when he comes in and he would want to sit and rest for a while and lool exactly that happened!  Uncle came and he was out of breath! I gave him some water ( dropped a glass full as well -_- Sometimes I am so dopey)

I just find it soooo cute that she knows her husband so well! I mean obvs I am sure it's same for every couple but still sooo cute! hahaha recently my posts have been so lovey dovey! I need to be careful about what I am thinking these days! -_- Mind tries to pla so many games! I just need to have control over it.

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I love you all <3