Friday 29-11-2013 Feeling Motivated

by - 21:53

Thanks to SGUL Papa, SGUL Dad (Rakay), Humzah, Jayesh and Kalpa helped me with the editorial! then just nowI saw Onkar and he made me feel soooooooooooooo much better about it!! He did so well on his aswell and I still have so much time! Some peopel haven't even started even though they were all free and I was busy with stupid Diwali show! At least i was doing something!

yeah soooo kinda excited for my editorial now lol! I have read it 3 times now nearly and starting to understand it better! woo ! Plan is to work whole weekend in the library ( not going home) :( and get it done by sunday evening!

the presentation is nearly done too! Just need to make sure it's 15 mins long! -_-  I will need to practise it the whole week ! fun times! Gonan skype to parents lol lalalal

Apart from that I had a good day! Me and Aloo worked majority of the day! though it wasn't a great start of the day cos I overslept and blah blah missed Cancer genetics presentation!!! oh well

Walking with My daughter now!! gonna work at halls


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I love you all <3