Stupid Little Arguments Friday 8th November 2013 and Saturday 9th November 2013

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My uni friends are just amazing ! Always been there for me! They know I get stressed when I am organising something but aloo have always encouraged me to take part in Diwali Show every year!

Just need to be careful with how I react in stressful conditions. I hurt my friends today and not happy about it at all! lol Such a bad day! Went to rehearsals and people could tell I was upset and then J hit me accidentally in Garba and I just cried and cried LOL ! he looked so scared but I was just upset about the whole day! PlusI was tired and hungry ( hope parents are not reading this ) I don't know how I forgot to text Aloo and she was mega hungry.

But it's good! I am sure I am slowly learning how to handle these situation! Need to learn to remember people who are more important and do the job quickly ! I am grateful for this opportunity.

Juhee finished really late so stayed around mine! LOOOL then she went to meet NP ( can't write the whole name for security reasons). Yeah then i got a snap chat and I got soooo jels :\ had to text her to come back!

We both hardly got any sleep -_- fir subah me we had rehearsals all day! GOD! we didn't even get to see each other the whole day!

Fashion show was a disaster! Akshay went mental at people who were late awks.

Had Garba most of the time and I helped Omar whenever I could !

Me and Juhee had a little paint fight :O !! she put so much paint in my hair -_- but mene bhi usey chora nahi! haha

Later after everyone finished me, Bhav, Ruki and Prathvi had soooo much fun just dancing to songs LOL! ( I will upload the video later)

Bhav and Ruki dropped me to halls and I literally just died in bed ! I was so tired!

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I love you all <3