Sunday 10th November 2013

by - 02:52

Rehearsals again! I got 9 hours of sleep though. Woooo
I was late for garba but Abi was okay with it. Me, Onkar, fahima and Rakay went on a "road trip" to tooting loool to pick up our pizza! We were sooooo HUNGRY!
Came back and ate in Monckton! Arjun had rehearsals but he told us to get pizza for him too so we did!
He comes back and he is SOOO HAPPY to see the food LOL ! -_- such an idiot he picked up a jalepeno and proposed me ( obvs as a joke) and million people took photos of us! standard!
I have no clue why he did that hahahah he is such a kid to be honest! Does anything without thinking! Like he always says, "I need to do something crazy now palak" ! That's when I know I am going to get teased! I'm so used to it that it scares me sometimes.
Anyway cba to think about it right now! Byeeeeeee
Ooo and so glad fb has that picture review option loool.

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I love you all <3