Tuesday 12-11-2013 Art was fun!

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So went into uni early! no labs cos I had to book stupid Axio machine for tomorrow ! So helped Omar with Painting! Prathvi Akshay and Mitul bad me aye.
Aloo, Suleman and Rabbit came later and we played music as usual and chilled.
Had a long chat with Pooja.

Anyway Let me write little bit about the art director! Omar ji! SO MODEST! HE IS FREAKING AMAZING AT ART but wouldn't admit it! He didn't even tell me he is the captain for cricket team :\ lol Just keeps everything to himself! Loves his desi tunes ! some classic stuff he listens to! He is an amazing person lol When he is meant to ask everyone to help him with painting and props he would text everyone saying, "Please come IF you are free!!" hahaha just so nice! Let's people do whatever on the boards and then fixes it ones everyone leaves! that's like double effort for him but just because he doesn't want to hurt anyone's feelings! Me and Prathvi made these flowers and they looked HORRIBLE !! even the director said to get rid of it all but he was like no.. "In bachiyon ne teen din lagaya! I think they look amazing" hahah awww! too nice! Just goes there works quietly and we talk in urdu/hindi !! it's sooo funny! Like one day some gora was cutting this foam like thing loooooooooool he was like "OMG yeh gora pagal ho gaya cheer leading ka saman kat raha he" hahaha I died! Some of the comments are so funny!
Even though he wouldn't admit it I know the reason why he doesn't want to come DS on Friday ! It's because he doesn't want the committee to call him down on the stage! This guy doesn't want any credit whatsoever! and he bought seats which are far in the back loool!! Like someone said he is a child at heart!! it's so TRUE! It's been great working with him. I learnt a lot from him!!

Okay Palak Sharma you can stop talking now! Peace out.

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I love you all <3