Wednesday 18-12-2013 Beautiful rain!

by - 09:55

Walking in the rain was fun yesterday! The weather was rain ever! Anette  and me decided that if we wanted to die right there and then at that particular time, it would have been fine! The time was just perfect! We wouldn't have had any regrets loooool so dramatic !
But sometimes everything is just fine and you feel satisfied with life! Your heart is at peace at that moment and you just dont care about anything! Lol so yeah.
I tried to take a picture, it's not that amazing!

Me and Annette walked up to Block D, where we saw the HOT GEP! LOL standing there, leaning against the door, talking to someone. He saw us and nodded looool we smiled back and quickly ran into the lift! We looked at ourselves in the mirror hahaha GOD !  We looked si ugly with wet hair! -_- bad timing. Thanks a lot God!  He will never marry us ! Looool hahaha! 

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I love you all <3