Thursday 19-12-13 and Friday 20-12-13

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Thursday 19-12-13

Me and Annette got up late! had to do last minute washing up and then we both packed up to go home woo. But first we had to go to uni to give presents to our supervisors. I didn't want to say bye all over again so I told Annette to go up and give it to Paris and Zahra!  lol so she did. We walked back to halls and then took G1 to the station!  My suitcase is soooooo BIG for me and I don't know why it was so heavy as well! -_- so yeah! LOL Annette was embarrassed of her dark barbie pink suitcase LOL!
When we got on G1, the driver goes to me, "what's in there...your sink or something ?? " LOOOOL it was so funny and embarrassing! the whole world was staring at us while we were trying to drag our suitcases into the bus. lol
There was so much traffic so we decided to get off at uni and walk from there. On the way we bought Pistachio Kulfi each woop! So FAT! lalal! so yeah on the train we were eating our kulfis when Annette's BARBIE PINK suitcase fell LOOOOL!! It was so funny cos she got so embarrssed and she kept telling me to stop laughing and I just couldn't stop haha! good times.

Got to High Barnet! Pooja and Dad came to pick me up! Mum made Sahi Paneer wooo yum. We ate and I was really tired so I had an early night.

Friday 20-12-13

 I got up early and went to my parents room to sleep with them in the morning.
Later worked all day! Mum made nice food! I LOVE MY MUM AND DAD! They made breakfast, lunch and dinner lol! Insisted to do my dishes but I didn't let them.
At halls I am hungry most of the time because too lazy to cook. I love homeeeeeee !!!! Later we had our cute Sharma time.. we watched this movie called "Dharm" ! Which had a really good theme but I fell asleep half way through it -_- ! I get so tired these days.

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I love you all <3