23-12-2013 Monday - Further news on Dr Abbas Khan and rambling on about things.

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Just saw Abbas Khan's Mother crying on the news! It's so SAD! so unfair that she didn't get any help. Thankfully the body of Dr Abbas has now been returned to the family.

Though this news has caused unbearable grief, we need to be proud of this man! This man has made millions of Muslims proud! A Muslim man made it to the front cover for his good work, sad because he only grabbed attention after he was killed ! No matter what we say, Muslim people do have problems all the time and especially if their name is "khan" ! -_- Even Sharukh Khan got held at the airport once! -_-  so stupid!!!!!  It's so sad! I have so many Muslim friends and I would get so upset if any of them get into trouble for their beliefs.

I remember watching this documentary on "stereotyping Muslims" ..LET ME FIND IT! ok here we go http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lfONHeU_HbU

I know many Muslims across the world don't see Sharukh Khan as a "proper" Muslim. Fair enough, I am sure you have your own reasons for it. However, he says few things in this video that I find amazing! Some good messages to take away!! ( whilst reading this please forget that SRK is muslim, actor, indian etc! and forget about my background. Just read it purely to get the good message out of it or if you are going to be stupid about it  then just stop reading NOW! You will need a very open mind to get the big picture out of this).

"we as Muslims.. I think we need to be very clear...let's take this out that we need to explain it....... If actions of some people have put a little blot or say the least on the whole religion..I think we need to accept it and say it's al right, but we are not going to pay the price for it, that I will never do! I am not going to ever justify it. Never going to justify to anyone how good it is to be a Muslim. I am not going to justify to anyone, how wonderful it is to be an India. but I am very clear that yes, we have to accept the fact that there's a blot...there is some kind of a "daag" (stain). If it is there, certain things are going to be said against us. This is the life we lead, these are the times we have created, this is the world we have chosen upon ourselves by the action of few!"

This is so true! Like when I was in secondary school, my teacher asked me if my mum and dad have already looked for a guy for me for arranged marriage! She just assumed that I am going to have an arranged marriage and that some guy is waiting for me to grow up! :\ It's because she doesn't know that the time has changed and majority of the people have moved on from the whole concept. She doesn't know the meaning for arrange marriage (she has obviously confused it with forced marriage)! People believe in what has been always said about a certain culture/religion etc without researching about it. So we can't hold a grudge on them, or try to prove to them what the true beliefs are! We can only tell them but if they are going to accept what you believe in or agree with what you believe in is up to them! you can't get upset over it if someone can't see the way you can see things!

So in this case SRK is saying the Muslims will have to accept that some people have made the religion look bad due to their bad actions and it's not anyone's fault! We just have to accept the fact that people are going to say things about us and just keep going. It's going to be hard but that's the way it is and you just have to live with it instead of making it worse by taking revenge etc. Because that will only shed more blood.

"I just want to know very clearly, I want to know...is it more important for me to look Muslim and see Muslim or to feel Muslim. I fully respect the scriptures, I fully respect all the hadids, I have read the Quran in my own way...in Arabic and English.. and I think the time has come...and it is genuinely an appeal that it is more important to feel Muslim than to look it. If you do look it then it's absolutely cool and if you don't it's absolutely cool too."

"I personally feel as a Muslim, I would like tell to every Muslim that if you don't know your religion well enough, if you are not able to practise it well enough, if your knowledge is less, Allah tala aapko maaf kar dega (Allah will forgive you). But being a Muslim if you are not able to explain your religion to other people who are not understanding it yeh duniya aapko maaf nahi karegi (This world will not forgive you)." 

So basically he means that Humans are worse than God (obviously) and they would criticise you more because they are just humans! So it's important to just know your religion and share it with your god because he understands you the best and he is the only one who can judge!

I don't know.. I am no one to say what is correct but I feel these few points he made in the documentary were really good. People can follow their religion properly or try to follow up to how much they can but no one should be their to judge them! Nobody should tell someone how things are done or how things should be because we live in an era where we are free to believe in what we want to believe in! My personal opinion! so yeah. I mean Hindus suffer from the same problem and I am sure other people from different religions have similar issues!

I don't know why I talk about religion so much! and LOL this post was about Dr Abbas not religion! Awks. that's the problem ....when there is a muslim person involved people automatically start talking about religion like I did in this post! WOW.  -_-

Anyway, this news has nothing to do with what Dr Khan's religion was so I am sorry for rambling on but I am so proud of him for what he did for people. It was wrong that he entered Syria without a visa but for such a small mistake and he was only trying to help... he lost his life. Heart breaking.

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